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Intro to Symbolic Logic

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Unit 1: The Basics of Propositional Logic
Symbolization Intro: Conditionals()/Conjunctions(&)
Validity and Soundness
Proof Intro: Proofs Using
Proofs Using &out and &in
Symbolizing Complex Conditionals
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Unit 2: Building on the Basics
Symbolizing "Only If," and Nec. and Suff.
Proofs Using
Symbolizing Negations (~)
Proofs Using ~out and ~in
Proofs Using Advanced Strategies
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Unit 3: Completing the System
Symbolizing Biconditionals (
Proofs Using
in and out
Symbolizing Disjunctions (v)
Proofs Using vin and vout
Proofs Using Derived Rules
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Unit 4: Truth Tables and Truth Trees
Intro to Truth Tables
Truth Tables for Validity
Intro to Truth Trees
True/False Questions
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Unit 5: Intro to Predicate Logic
Predicate Logic Symbolization
Symbolizing Quantifiers with Negations
Predicate Logic Proofs
Predicate Logic Trees
Validity and Soundness Revisited
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